Figures in Illinois History

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Adams, Samuel, Dr.
instrumental in establishment of first medical school in Illinois at Illinois College, Jacksonville in 1834.
Bateman, Newton
famous educator; lived in Jacksonville. Superintendent of Public Instruction in Illinois from 1859-63 and 1865-75.
Bickerdyke, "Mother" Mary Ann Ball
Nursed soldiers during Civil War
Beecher, Edward
(1803-95) First president of Illinois College, Jacksonville. Edward's father Lyman was a Presbyterian Minister. Edward's brother Henry Ward Beecher was also a clergyman. Edward's sister Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel about injustice of slavery, published in 1851.
Cartwright, Peter
(1785-1872) Methodist Circuit Rider - Politician
Douglas, Stephen A.
Lawyer - Orator - Political Leader
Duncan, Joseph
Governor of Illinois from 1834-38. His home "Elm Grove" is the only remaining Governor's mansion outside of the state capitol.
Earp, Wyatt
Old West lawman. Born in Monmouth, Illinos on 19 Mar 1848.
Grant, Ulysses S.
Civil War General and US President
Grierson, Benjamin Henry
Civil War General
Hay, John
Private secretary to President Abraham Lincoln. Secretary of State under Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. Poet, Novelist, Biographer of Lincoln.
Hickok, Wild Bill
Troy Grove, Illinois Memorial Site
Lawler, Michael Kelly
Mexican War soldier, Civil War general
Lincoln, Abraham
US President
Logan, John A.
A statesman and became a general during the Civil War.
MacMurray, James E.
Senator. Benefactor of MacMurray College in Jacksonville.
McClernand, John A.
Major General during Civil War
Oglesby, Richard J.
Colonel and Major General. Governor of Illinois and US Senator following the Civil War.
Schofield, John McAllister
General during Civil War; Secretary of War; Commanding General of the US Army
Yates, Richard
Governor of Illinois from 1861-65 (Civil War); one of two graduates of the first class of Illinois College in 1835
Wilson, Robert L.
Lawyer and statesman in Illinois. Paymaster for the US Army.

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