John Alexander "Black Jack" Logan
Statesman - Orator - Volunteer General

John A. Logan who helped organized the 31st Illinois Volunteers was pro-Southern before the outbreak of the war. Deciding the "Union must prevail", he joined the Northern cause and during the war become a general. He was a Senator from Illinois from 1871-77 and from 1879-1886. He was a candidate for the vice-presidency of the US during the 1884 election campaign.

Visit the Illinois State Military Museum on the web for photos of exhibits and more information about John A. Logan.

Photos & a biography of John Alexander Logan can be found at John A. Logan Community College's WWW site [The college is in Carterville, IL]

A few references about John Logan

Compiled from Illinet On-Line, the on-line catalog of over 800 Illinois libraries.

Thanks to Larry Ligget who wanted more information about John A. Logan and to John A. Logan Community College for sharing history about the General.

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