Governor Duncan Home - Jacksonville, Illinois

This 3-story, 17-room Mansion was built in 1834 for Illinois Governor Joseph Duncan, his wife Elizabeth and their family. It served as the official Governor's Mansion during Duncan's term of office (1834-38). It is the only standing structure which served this capacity in Illinois outside of Springfield.

During Duncan's term as Governor:

The Mansion is owned and operated by the Rev. James Caldwell Chapter NSDAR.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, has been fully restored and houses many of the original Duncan family furnishings.

Twin chimneys guard the third story porch. The bell hanging under the main floor porch was purchased by Julia Duncan Kirby in 1882 and used to call in the field hands.

The walnut stairway which spans three stories, features short risers designed to accommodate Mrs. Duncan's petite form--Mrs. Duncan was 4' 5" tall.

If Mrs. Duncan was pouting when the Governor arrived home after a long stay in Springfield, Governor Duncan would laughingly set his petite wife on the mantle, where she remained until she could attract another member of the household to assist her.

For information about tours, hours, and admission, contact:

Jacksonville Area Visitor's & Conventions Bureau
115 W. Morton, Jacksonville IL 62650-2880 (217) 243-5678

Information and photos used with permission of Jacksonville Area Visitor's & Conventions Bureau

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