Famous Illinoisians with Civil War Ties

A request for information about John A. Logan, an Illinois Civil War General & Statesman, prompted a discussion of Illinoisians who are widely-associated with the American Civil War. We were surprised at the number we could name in just a few minutes. The idea of this page is to disseminate information about those famous Illinoisians. Your suggestions will be happily considered --

Bickerdyke, "Mother" Mary Ann Ball
1817-1901. Born in Knox County, Ohio. At beginning of the Civil War, she lived in Galesburg, Illinois. She moved to Cairo, Illinois to treat wounded soldiers. After the war, she was instrumental in obtaining pensions for veterans and for other Civil War nurses. A monument in her honor stands at her burial site in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois.
Black, Greene, Vardiman
Father of Modern Dentistry. Served in Company D of the 129th Illinois Infantry. More Details.
Douglas, Stephen A.
Lawyer - Orator - Political Leader. Famous for debates during 1858 US Senate Campaign against Abraham Lincoln. Supported Popular Sovereignty (Right of residents of a state to vote for or against slavery within the bounds of the State)
Grant, Ulysses S.
Union General during Civil War. Became 18th US President.
Grierson, Benjamin H.
General. Commanded Illinois Cavalry.
Hay, John
Raised in Warsaw, Illinois. Private secretary to President Abraham Lincoln. Secretary of State under Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. Poet, Novelist, Biographer of Lincoln. [Suggested by Norm Winick]
Haynie, Isham N.
Mexican and Civil War soldier - Lawyer - Judge - Legislator. Major General.
Lawler, Michael Kelly
Mexican and Civil War soldier. Brigadier General from southern Illinois.
Lincoln, Abraham
After all my car license plate says Illinois is the "Land of Lincoln" He was born in Kentucky, but became an adult in Illinois. He was the 16th President of the United States during the Civil War. Some Lincoln Web Sites: Abraham Lincoln Online, The Official State of Illinois WWW Site's Links to Lincoln and US Presidents.
Logan, John A.
A statesman and became a general during the Civil War.
McClernand, John A.
Brigadier General promoted to Major General. He resigned in November 1864. Photo of John A. McClernand from Augustana College.
Oglesby, Richard J.
Colonel and Major General. Governor of Illinois and US Senator following the Civil War.
Schofield, John McAllister
graduate of West Point Military Academy. Brigadier General
Wilson, Robert L.
Lawyer and statesman in Illinois. A member of the "Long Nine". One of Cassius Clay's "Clay Guards" who protected Washington, D.C. immediately after the incident at Fort Sumter. Paymaster for the US Army.

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