Total number Illinois men in the service:

about 256,297

Illinois Alive! Digital Imaging Project
Includes diaries, letters, and other documents about Illinois in the Civil War

Brief Intro to Genealogy & the American Civil War
To help you find more information about your soldier.
Bibliography of State-wide References for Illinois
For references about specific units, refer to the Regimental numbers [see below]
Illinois Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units
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Illinois Civil War Sites
Partial List of Camps, National Cemeteries, and Prisons
Famous Illinoisians with Civil War ties
Illinois Women and the Civil War
Medal of Honor Recipients from Illinois' Civil War Regiments
Flags of Illinois Regiments
Nicknames of Illinois Regiments
1858 Lincoln-Douglas Senatorial Election Debates
Burials of Illinois Soldiers who died during the War
The Grand Army of the Republic [GAR] in Illinois
Proclamations, Orders, and Reports
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