Marshall County, Illinois, USA


Named for John Marshall

John Marshall (1755-1835) was a soldier during the American Revolution. He served in the US Congress, representing the state of Virginia. He also served as Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Established in 1839

When Illinois became a state, the area that is now Marshall County was part of Bond and Clark Counties. As more counties were formed, the area became part of Pike, Sangamon, Putnam and LaSalle Counties. Although Marshall County was established in 1839, the current boundaries were not established until 1843, when the eastern part of Marshall was transferred from LaSalle County.

Part of the Military Tract

The western part of Marshall County (area west of the Illinois River) was part of the Military Tract of Land granted to veterans of the War of 1812. [More about the Military Tract]

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