Illinois Independent Cavalry Units

Illinois had 17 Cavalry Units in the Civil War which were numbered from 1 to 17. [see Units by Number]

In addition there were several other Independent Cavalry companies, some of which were organized with infantry regiments. Many of these were consolidated into Battalions and often transferred or attached to the number cavalry units.

A representation of the organization of the independent Cavalry units is attempted below.

  1. The innermost level on the outlines is the earliest organizations.
  2. These were transferred to organizations at the next higher level in the outline.
  3. Infantry units to which some of the companies belonged are noted in parentheses.
  4. The dates in parentheses are the dates of organization of that unit.

15th Illinois Cavalry

Organizations composing 15th Ill. Cav.

[Same info as graphic above]

15th Illinois Cavalry (25 Dec 1862)

16th Illinois Cavalry

Organizations composing 16th Ill. Cav.

[Same info as graphic above]

16th Illinois Cavalry (Cos. A, B, C - Jan 1863, served detached till Jan 1864; Cos. I,K,L - April 1863)

Specific References for this Unit

  1. see also Bibliography of State-Wide References
  2. see also US Army Military History Institute

Barker's Dragoons

12th Illinois Cavalry, Cos. H and I (Feb 1862, served detached to Feb 1863)

5th Iowa Cav "Curtis Horse" Co L and 3rd Missouri Cav Co L

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