Roster of Company B (Cavalry) of the 36th Illinois Infantry


as submitted on April 19, 1996
by Jill Bennett Polsby
great-granddaughter of Lyman Gordon Bennett
who with Wm. M. Haigh
authored the History of the 36th Illinois

Following is the Roster of the 36th Regiment, on its final muster and acceptance into the service of the United States, and at the period of its departure from Camp Hammond to Missouri.


HENRY A. SMITH, Captain.
SAMUEL CHAPMAN, 1st Lieutenant.
JOHN S. DURAN, 2d Lieutenant
Edward M. Barnard, 1st Sergeant.
Henry C. Paddleford, Sergeant.
Vernon O. Wilcox, Sergeant.
John Lovell, Sergeant.
George W. Archer, Sergeant.
John W. Davis, Sergeant.
John McQueen, Corporal.
Henry Weightman, Corporal.
Henry C. Scott, Corporal.
Nathan Lakin, Corporal.
William Duncan, Corporal.
Eugene M. Griggs, Corporal.
John Baker, Corporal.
Schuyler Rue, jr., Corporal.
Wallace S. Clark, Bugler.
John M. Paddleford, Farrier.
William Donivan, Blacksmith.
Russell C. Fowler, Saddler.
Julius C. Pratt, Wagoner.
Myron J. Amick.
John Archer.
Henry Ball.
Nathaniel Brown.
Mortimer C. Briggs.
Edwin E. Balch.
Ephriam M. Cardner.
Robert Collins.
William J. Christy.
George Cox.
Robert N. Chrysler.
Isaiah B. Curtis.
Charles Collins.
George W. Campbell.
Charles Cooley.
Harrison Eaton.
Edwin F. Evarts.
John Fraser.
William H. Fletcher.
Patrick Glennon.
Robert Gallagher.
John Gilbert.
Norton N. Harger.
Oliver Hanagan.
Jerry Hickey.
Charles F. Holmes.
Charles P. Kennedy.
John M. Kingsley.
Christopher Kingsley.
James Knox.
Abijah A. Lee.
Eben Lowder.
Lloyd T. Lathrop.
William M. Love.
William Mehan.
John Muldoon.
Eugene Mann.
Henry Nelson.
Thomas C. Pennington.
Peter D. Porchet.
Marquis L. Perry.
David Peterson.
Isaac Peterson.
William H. Pease.
Abner A. Pease.
George Perkins.
Jeremiah Phelan.
John D. Pringle.
George Pettingill.
Daniel Rettis.
Daniel Reymolds.
Earl Robinson.
Abraham Rumsey.
Henry J. Rogers.
William E. Satterfield.
Justus J. Stringer.
Amos D. Scott.
Abijah L. Strang.
Charles L. Seward.
Henry M. Sawyer.
James Sheddon.
Clark Tucker.
John B. Thompson.
George M. Winchester.
Wallace Wettenpaugh.
Martin F. Wettinpaugh.
Noah Walice.
John Wagoner.
Benjamin Weaver.

Ninety-one officers and privates.	

36th Illinois Infantry

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