Madison County, Illinois, USA


Named for James Madison

James Madison [1751-1836] was the fourth President of the USA, serving in that office from 1809-1817. He was in office when Madison County, Illinois was formed. Madison was also a member of the Contintental Congress and the federal constitutional convention of 1787.

Established in 1812

Madison County was formed before Illinois became a state. At the time of formation, the area was part of the Illinois Territory. In 1812, Madison County encompassed the majority of the state of Illinois. All of Illinois north of the current southern boundary of Madison County between the Mississippi and Wabash Rivers was part of the county.

The size of the county was quickly reduced. In 1814, the formation of Edwards County removed almost half of the area (the eastern part). The final boundary change occured in 1843, when a small portion on the northeast corner of Madison County became part of Bond County.

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