8th Illinois Cavalry


Medal of Honor Recipients

Specific References for this Unit

  1. see also Bibliography of State-Wide References
  2. see also US Army Military History Institute
  3. History of the Eighth Cavalry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, During the great Rebellion by Abner Hard, M. D. published by Morningside House, inc. , P. O. box 1087, Dayton, Ohio 45410

John Parker, who submitted the book title "History of the Eighth Cavalry Regiment Illinois Volunteers ..." writes: (THANK YOU, John!!)

The 8th was formed at St. Charles, Ill. in Aug 1861 and was made up of men from northern Illinios from Chicago to Iowa. They served in the army of the Potomic and late in the war were detached from the army to hunt for Mosby. My Great Grandfather served through the entire war and was mustered out as a sergeant. An interesting note is that while returning home after the war, the steamer they were on burned and sunk in the Ohio River with great loss of life and loss of their military records. The Author was the regiment's surgeon and he finished the book just three years after the war's end.

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