Muster Roll of Company "D".

submitted by Lucinda (White) Wales

Each name listed below is a link to more information from the descriptive roll of Company D. (Select the name to follow the link to more information.)

John F. Richards - Captain
William B. Claudy - Captain

Francis M. Dabney - 1st Lieut
William B. Claudy - 1st Lieut
John Bowsman - 1st Lieut

William T. Mitchell - 2d Lieut
William B. Claudy - 2d Lieut
John Bowsman - 2d Lieut

William B. Claudy - 1st Sergt
John Bowsman - Sergt
Leonard G. Burk - Sergt
William G. Hubbard - Sergt
Dennis Badgley - Sergt

Thomas J. Higgins - Corporal
Franklin A. Askew - Corporal
Homer V. Harris - Corporal
Jonathan Winner - Corporal
George W. Sellers - Corporal
James Badgley - Corporal
John M. Hoffman - Corporal
Jared Jessup - Corporal

Askew, Theophilus A. - Private
Allen, Calvin S. - Private
Allen, John R. - Private
Blair, Thomas H. - Private
Baker, Darias - Private
Bentley, John S. - Private
Baine, Andrew H. - Private
Bowers, Henry D. - Private
Blanchard, David S. - Private
Bridgewater, Elias - Private
Barclay, William S. - Private
Brackley, John M. - Private
Croosan, David - Private
Cochran, Thomas - Private
Call, David - Private
Call, Henry - Private
Crim, Henry J. - Private
Chandler, Charles - Private
Cullen, James - Private
Croosan, William - Private
Duffey, Peter - Private
Davis, Henry - Private
Dutcher, Henry - Private
Dudley, Sylvester - Private
Dudley, John G. - Private
Decher, Adam - Private
Dudley, Reuben - Private
Dudley, Jesse - Private
Gay, William - Private
Gates, Theodore W. - Private
Guss, John - Private
Gard, Jasper - Private
Gorton, Thomas E. - Private
Garroute, John - Private
Hall, John A. Jr - Private
Hodges, Nimrod J. - Private
Hankins, Thomas W. - Private
Hagen, Reuben A. - Private
House, Robert - Private
Hall, Granville - Private
Hull, Otis - Private
Jackson, Henry L. - Private
Kerr, John - Private
Lain, Michael - Private
Lippencott, John W. - Private
Louder, Ruben - Private
Lillie, Hiram - Private
McIntire, James - Private
Marlow, John M. - Private
McCauley, Francis - Private
McCartney, Charles - Private
Morrow, Andrew J. - Private
McIntire, Mathew - Private
McMahan, Daniel - Private
McClain, William - Private
Newell, Justin J. - Private
Phennegar, Jacob S. - Private
Parrick, Thomas J. - Private
Plummer, Jerome B. - Private
Rice, Calvin - Private
Rice, Edmond B. - Private
Sellers, Simpson - Private
Smith, Andrew J. - Private
Sackett, Henry A. - Private
Sperry, James C. - Private
Smith, Samuel G. - Private
Tacket, Alexander - Private
Wilkins, Nelson - Private
Woods, Robert C. - Private
Whitehouse, James L. - Private
White, John - Private
Wright, Joseph - Private
Ware, William P. - Private
Williams, Joseph C. - Private
Woodward, Joel - Private
Walker, William H. - Private
Yound, William J. - Private

Chase, Lewis W. - Private
Ellwood, Samuel - Private
Gates, Ezra - Private
Hamilton, Thomas - Private
Johnson, William H. - Private
Tucker, James - Private

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