39th Illinois Infantry


Medal of Honor Recipients

Specific References for this Unit

  1. has an assorted collection of documents about the 39th Illinois.
  2. see also Bibliography of State-Wide References
  3. see also US Army Military History Institute
  4. An enlisted soldier's view of the Civil War : the wartime papers of Joseph Richardson Ward, Jr. [39th Ill. Inf.] edited by D. Duane Cummins and Daryl Hohweiler. West Lafayette, Ind. : Belle Publications, 1989
  5. Yates Phalanx: The History of the Thirty-Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by Charles M. Clark, M.D. (Late Surgeon) Edited by Frederick Charles Decker. Published in 1994 by Heritage Books, Inc., 1540E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716

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