103rd Illinois Infantry



Specific References for this Unit

  1. Reminiscences of Civil War Diaries of Members of the 103rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry. by J.F. Leaming and Co., Chicago, IL. 1904. [Excerpts]
  2. Army life of an Illinois soldier, including a day by day record of Sherman's march to the sea; letters and diary of the late Charles W. Wills, private and sergeant 8th Illinois Infantry; lieutenant and battalion adjutant 7th Illinois Cavalry; captain, major and lieutenant colonel 103rd Illinois Infantry. by Wills, Charles Wright, 1840-1883; Compiled and published by his sister (Mary E. Kellogg) ... [1906] Globe Printing Company, Washington, D.C.
  3. see also Bibliography of State-wide References
  4. see also US Army Military History Institute
  5. Fulton County, Illinois Historical and Genealogical Society Newsletters. Articles by Edith Quick. Vol. XI No 4, Vol. XX No 1-2

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