101st Illinois Infantry

Regimental Flag of the 101st Illinois Infantry
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--furnished by Joseph P. Carone & Christopher Gorz

Joseph is a member of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) and a descendant of James McBride who served in the 101st.
Joseph inquired about the Regimental Flag and found that the flags that were carried by the unit were in a deplorable condition with almost nothing left but the netting that was used in an attempt to preserve it. Joseph undertook a project to make a picture available thru the Internet. The problem was that there was no picture, drawing or graphics of the regimental flag for the 101st. Joseph was told that there was at least five flag makers for the Union Army at that time. One was in Chicago and one other believed to be in St. Louis. Their designs varied some with mostly in the scroll work for the unit's designation. Some flags were even made by the local townsfolk and given to the units that were carried into battle by them. Joseph learned that the flags size was by regulation six ( 6' ) foot by six foot six inches ( 6' 6" ) at the pike which made this a little different from the flags we see or use today. He found a outline drawing of a Union Army Regimental Flag in a coloring book. Christopher Gorz did a fine job of recreating a close likeness from what could be determined of the 101st Illinois volunteers regimental flag. The original flags were of a dark blue silk flag and hand painted. Joseph was told that silken material helped caused the disintegration over time and destroyed the flags.



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