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November 1, 2000 -- Infobahn Outfitters is a full-time, full-service Internet provider committed to western Illinois. We have support technicians in your community on a regular basis. If you have problems that can't be solved with a phone call, an Infobahn technician will visit your location.

Infobahn means "Internet", the information superhighway, and is derived from the German word "autobahn". Outfitters reflects our belief that the Internet is still a "new frontier".

Infobahn's office is in Macomb, Illinois, and we are locally owned. Infobahn began in 1995 as a web site consultation company. We provide web site development and hosting services for over 150 businesses and organizations. Our portfolio is available on our web site at

In 1996, Infobahn became a full-service Internet provider for Macomb. We quickly expanded access to Avon, Bushnell, Stronghurst, and Nauvoo. Our mission is to provide customers with a consistent, superior quality Internet experience. Infobahn's Internet connections include redundant peering to the two largest Internet backbones, UUNET and SprintLink.

During 1996-97, Infobahn partnered with TriLutions Computer & Internet Center to provide access in Monmouth ( and Abingdon ( areas. Since then, Infobahn has provided the technical support for and As announced by Mike Wintory, President of TriLutions, Infobahn is now fully responsible for Internet services for and

Infobahn's staff of 18 is here to meet your Internet access and web site service needs. We continue to look for ways to improve the quality of service we provide to our customers. If you have suggestions, we welcome your input.

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