Communities, Putnam County, Illinois, USA

Buell Institute was the first agricultural organization west of the Allegheny Mountains (marker at Putnam County High School). The Jonathan Baldwin Turner marker at Granville Elementary School commemorates the Land Grant College Act in US Congress proposed in 1851.
The county seat is located on the bluffs above the Illinois River. The courthouse was built in 1839 and is the oldest Illinois courthouse still in use. The Pulsifer House was built in 1844 in Greek Revival style-architecture. It's on the National Historic Register and is home to the Putnam County Historical Society.
Magnolia is in the southeastern corner of Putnam County. West of Magnolia is the site of the former community of Caledonia, originally settled in 1828.
Named for county judge J.M. McNabb who sold his farm to establish the railroad station about 1900. Clear Creek Monthly Quaker Meeting was established in the area in 1841. The Quaker Meeting House, listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites, is south and west of McNabb.
Mt. Palatine
Putnam was originally called Senachwine. This was the name of the Pottawatomi Indian Chief who lived in the area. Chief Senachwine died in 1831 and is buried nearby. The Pottawotamis made their home in the area until the early 1830s.
Began as a coal mining town about 1905. Many of the early settlers were from Italy and the Baltic area. The mine closed less than twenty years later, but the town has survived.

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