Havana, Illinois, USA

The Havana area provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Havana is on the Illinois River and the River provides recreational boating and fishing. From the grain storage and collection facilities at Havana, barges transport tons of grain on the River to national and international markets.

Chatauqua National Wildlife Refuge provides 4,500 acres of wildlife habitat and is home to large concentrations of wild ducks. Bird watchers, hunters, and fishermen find resources abound in Mason County.

The Havana area also provides historical sites, golf, tennis, theatre, and auto racing.

Riverfront Park in Havana

Chatauqua National Wildlife Refuge

Originally grassy wetland, part of the floodplain of the Illinois River, was a stopover for migrating waterfowl on the Mississippi flyway. The area was dammed, drained, and cultivated by farmers. In 1963, the land became part of National Wildlife Refuge system and was reverted back to wetland.

Sand Ridge State Forest and Jake Wolf Memorial Hatchery

Other Recreation Areas near Havana

Other attractions in and around Havana

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