Communities in Logan County, Illinois, USA

Atlanta was founded in 1853. Abraham Lincoln attended a Fourth of July celebration here at Turner's Grove in 1859.
Bakerville *
Location of grist mill, saw mill, and brick tile factory built by Samuel Baker.In 1833, Samuel Baker came to Illinois when in his mid-teens. He probably came to Bakerville after the Civil War. Previously, the Baker family lived at the Yankeetown Settlement about 2 miles southwest. The chimney and some clay pits remain from Baker's grist and saw mills, and the brick-tile factory. The site is marked by a historical marker.
Founded in 1872 and platted by Silas Beason and others. Silas Beason was a lawyer and was instrumental in attracting the Illinois Central Railroad to Beason.
Bethel *
Originally a branch of the Sugar Creek Congregation located east of Bethel, the church was built in 1854. Big Prairie post office was located east of the present church and Bethel grade school stood across the road. The cemetery adjoins the church.
Burton View
Platted in 1872 by David Clark and named in honor of railroad official Logan B. Chestnut. The Illinois Central Railroad played an import role in development of community. It holds the distinction of being the geographic center of the state of Illinois. A monument in the village park and common honors this distinction.
Elkhart Hill is 777 feet high and covers more than 600 acres. Native Americans believed the hill to be in the shape of an elk's heart. The ravesite of Captain Adam Bogardus, wing shot champion of the world, who traveled with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show and a Mississippi River boat show is here. The John Dean Gillett Memorial Chapel is on Elkhart Hill. J. D. Gillett became known as the "Cattle King of the World" because of his breeding of short-horn cattle He was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. The Hill is also the gravesite of Richard J. Oglesby-- General, Governor, and Senator.
Emden was names for Emden, on the River Ems in northern Germany. The town was surveyed in 1871. Teis Smid, a blacksmith and William Smith are credited with the establishment of Emden.
Founded in 1871 by David Harts and surveyed by Thomas Gardner of Pekin, Illinois
Lake Fork
Founded in 1881. Indian mounds have been identified in the area.
Surveyed in 1871 and incorporated in 1884. A station on the Peoria, Decatur and Evansville Railroad. Named for Colonel Latham of Lincoln, who helped build the Railroad
Lincoln -- County seat
Lincoln is the County Seat of Logan County. Lincoln was the first city to be named for Abraham Lincoln, an event which occured in 1853 BEFORE he became a nationally-known figure. Abraham Lincoln christened the new town, named in his honor, with juice from a watermelon! Douglas spoke here in Sept 4th, 1858 during his famous campaign against Abraham Lincoln for the Senate seat. Lincoln was in attendance but did not speak.
Mount Joy
Mount Pulaski
Founded in 1836 Named for Count Casimir Pulaski, a Revolutionary War Patriot, originally from Poland. Mt. Pulaski Courthouse in Mt. Pulaski served as Logan County Courthouse from 1847 to 1853. The courthouse is one of two remaining courthouses on the Eighth Judicial Circuit served by Abraham Lincoln. It is listed on the National Historic Register and was purchased and restored by the state of Illinois.
New Holland
San Jose
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