Civil War Prisons in Illinois

Names and Locations of Prisons in Illinois used during the Civil War

Alton Penitentiary
Alton - on Mississippi just north of St.Louis
smallest Illinois prison
escapes were not uncommon
Camp Butler
Springfield - central Illinois and the state capital
first prisoners were 2000 Confederates taken at Fort Donelson, TN
guarded by the 52nd Illinois Infantry
1500 prisoners arrived after the capture of Island No. 10, Missouri
over 850 Confederate soldiers are buried at Camp Butler
Camp Douglas
Chicago - near Lake Michigan in northeast Illinois
first prisoners were 8000 Confederates taken at Fort Donelson, TN
during war held over 18,000 men, with over 12,000 simultaneously in Dec 1864
Rock Island Prison
Rock Island - in Mississippi River in northwest Illinois
constructed 1863
one of the largest and most notorious prison camps in the North.
almost 2000 Confederate soldiers were buried here


Illinois Camps, Posts, and Prisons by Victor Hicken, Illinois Civil War Sketches, No. 9, published by Illinois State Historical Library for the Civil War Centennial Commission of Illinois.
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