Roster of Company F of the 36th Illinois Infantry


as submitted on April 19, 1996
by Jill Bennett Polsby
great-granddaughter of Lyman Gordon Bennett
who with Wm. M. Haigh
authored the History of the 36th Illinois

Following is the Roster of the 36th Regiment, on its final muster and acceptance into the service of the United States, and at the period of its departure from Camp Hammond to Missouri.


GEORGE F. STONAX, 1st Lieutenant.
MARTIN C. WILSON, 2d Lieutenant.
George G. Biddolph, Sergeant.
Richard H. Watson, Sergeant.
George K. Wann, Sergeant.
LaRue P. Southworth, Sergeant.
Thomas L. Bowen, Sergeant.
George W. Mossman, Corporal.
Loren L. Olson, Corporal.
Bergo Thompson, Corporal.
Aole O. Brevick, Corporal.
George Neff, Corporal.
Michael Boomer, Corporal.
William Eyebond, Corporal.
Willaim H. Mossman, Corporal.
Samuel Brimhall, Musician.
Norman C. Dean. Musician.
Erasmus Anderson.
Michael W. Bastian.
James R. Biddolph.
George A. Cummins.
Stephen C. Cummins.
William Curtis.
William H. Cotler.
George W. Dessalet.
Theodore P. French.
John Green.
Luther Haskins.
John J. Hamilton.
William Browning.
Lewis E. Beldin.
Christian Christianson.
William Coltrip.
Aben Christopherson.
Edwin Dopp.
William H. Eastman.
James S. Foster.
Gunner Gunnerson.
Oscar P. Hobbs.
William D. Hibbard.
Raynard Holverson.
James H. Hall.
Jno. T. Johnson.
Canute K. Johnson.
Ira M. Johnson.
Ira Larson.
Christ Lind.
John Lamb.
Warren C. Massey.
Henry J. Metabach.
Francis A. Mossman.
John Olson.
James W. Olson
Oren H. Price.
Sweet A. Peterson.
Peter Phillips.
William G. Huggett.
John J. Jordan.
Ferriss Johnson.
Alfred Johnson
William E. Jackson.
Lars Larson.
Alexander Lipsky.
Alfred Melton.
Anton Myer.
William McClary.
Nels L. Nelson.
Lewis Olson.
Thomas Orstad.
Canute Phillips.
William J. Pletch.
Walter E. Patridge.
George F. Roots.
Charles N. Ralph.
Emra Strait.
Reuben Sweetland.
Richard Spraddling.
Henry M. Seymour.
James Sifleet.
Paul Stevenson.
Alfred Tomlin.
Thomas Thompson.
Augustus P. VanOrder.
Thomas J. Wilson.
Daniel Warden.
Charles Wangler.
John H. Roots.
Alfred Riggs.
Frederick W. Sly.
Cornelius Seward.
Simeon L. Smith.
Charles F. Sweetland.
Benjamin Stevenson.
John Thompson.
William Thompson.
Andrew L. Turner.
Jno. Howard Whitney.
Albert H. Wulff.
Henry Waldsmith.

One hundred officers and enlisted men.

36th Illinois Infantry

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