Roster of Company E of the 36th Illinois Infantry


as submitted on April 19, 1996
by Jill Bennett Polsby
great-granddaughter of Lyman Gordon Bennett
who with Wm. M. Haigh
authored the History of the 36th Illinois

Following is the Roster of the 36th Regiment, on its final muster and acceptance into the service of the United States, and at the period of its departure from Camp Hammond to Missouri.


ALBERT M. HOBBS, 1st Lieutenant
WILLIAM H. CLARK, 2d Lieutenant
George S. Bartlett, Sergeant.
Lucian F. Heminway, Sergeant.
William Hall, Sergeant.
Orson Smith, Sergeant.
Robert B. Ralston, Sergeant.
David G. Cromwell, Corporal.
Daniel Whitney, Corporal.
Hiram Wagner, Corporal.
Stanley Bushnell, Corporal.
William J. Willett, Corporal.
Lyman G. Bennett, Corporal
Thomas P. Hill, Corporal
Herbert Dewey, Corporal
Peter Schryver, Musician.
William Todd, Musician.
John W. Alston
James H. Alston.
Comfort Brace.
James N. Baird.
George W. Beane.
Christopher M. Baker.
Henry C. Baxter.
Frederick Beier.
Delmar Burnside.
Eugene Benoit.
Alfred Bullard.
James Brown.
Mat Blu.
Milton Cornell.
James Carlin
Edgar S. Case.
Charles W. Doane.
Aaron Darnell.
Bradley W. Doane.
Ira O. Fuller.
Amasa Gage.
Henry Haigh.
Holvar Hanson
Erastus Beecher.
Christ Batterman.
John Bush.
John Brace.
William Burgess.
Hobert D. Carr.
Patrick Connor.
Henry Collman.
Silas F. Dyer.
Charles W. Doty.
Daniel J. Darnell.
Charles T. Etchell.
Uriah Foster.
Oscar S. Howe.
Judson W. Hanson.
James Harrel.
William Hunter.
Joseph Howard.
Henry J. Hodge.
Peter Johnson
Gilbert Ketchum.
Elisha E. Lloyd.
George E. Lownsberry
George Lanigan.
Henry Mullen.
James E. Moss.
George W. Matthews.
Amos Norton.
Reuben W. Perrin.
Oscar Pecoy.
Melancton Ross.
Charles H. Scofield.
James S. Hatch.
Henry Hanness.
Thomas Ives.
Sylvester M. Jay.
Augustus Kasten.
Hamlet Livens.
James A. Lanigan
Silas T. Marlete.
Edwin J. McMullen.
Nicholas Meehan.
George Merrill.
John Pfensteil.
Cyrus Perry
John Ray.
Walter S. Ralston.
Benjamin Sayers.
Lewis Schafer.
Thomas P. Titlow.
William Woolenweber.
Joel Wagner.
Barney Wheeler.
William W. Zellar.
Henry Smith.
Stephen Winans.
Jacob Wolf.
Carlton D. Ward.
Edward R. Zellar.

One hundred officers and enlisted men.

36th Illinois Infantry

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