Roster of Company D of the 36th Illinois Infantry


as submitted on April 19, 1996
by Jill Bennett Polsby
great-granddaughter of Lyman Gordon Bennett
who with Wm. M. Haigh
authored the History of the 36th Illinois

Following is the Roster of the 36th Regiment, on its final muster and acceptance into the service of the United States, and at the period of its departure from Camp Hammond to Missouri.


JOHN VAN PELT, 1st Lieutenant
GEORGE D. PARKER, 2d Lieutenant
Edward P. Cass, Sergeant.
Mercelon B. Gaylor, Sergeant.
Alexander Stickles, Sergeant.
Joseph C. Thompson, Sergeant.
Isaac N. Beebe, Sergeant.
Clinton Lloyd, Corporal.
David Sutherland, Corporal.
William T. Maycroft, Corporal
William C. Benedict, Corporal.
John C. Taylor, Corporal.
William Stewart, Corporal.
Thomas Dillon, Corporal.
Andrew L. Scofield, Corporal.
Henry T. Kellom, Musician.
William P. Birgess, Musician.
Newton J. Abbott.
Joseph Apley.
Sidney M. Abbott.
Lyndon K. Bannister.
Henry F. Birch.
Jacob M. Burgess
Joseph Bushnell.
Rensler Carpenter.
Seth Darling.
Clark W. Edwards.
Nelson Erickson.
Alfred H. Gaylord.
Allen M. Alvord.
Louis P. Boyd.
James A. Baker.
Allen Brown.
Benjamin F. Burgess.
Charles H. Bissell.
William B. Cady.
William Duckworth.
Oliver Edmond.
George Goodwin.
Willard W. Gifford.
Remington F. Gilmore.
Eben Gates.
James Hurst.
Frank Henning.
John Hyer.
Ole H. Johnson
Andrew Johnson.
Harvey Kimball.
William Lloyd.
James M. Leach.
David Mellor.
John Menley.
Miles Murray.
William T. Pyle.
John A. Paige.
Nelson Peck.
Luther Gates.
John Graham
Thomas Harrop.
Joseph W. Hinsdale.
Thomas Jones
Peter A. Johnson.
William C. Knox.
Charles G. Langdon.
John Larking.
Edward Lars.
John Miller.
Aaron Mills.
Ole N. Oleson
Francis Phelps.
William Peck.
Aspin Peterson.
Joseph Phipps.
Joseph A. Smith.
Louis R. Seymour.
Phillip Stage
Charles Seymour.
Thor Thorson.
Samuel Tucker.
Ezra Taylor
George Thumb.
Thomas Vernon.
Thomas Welch.
Chester F. Wright.
Andrew T. Wilsey.
John Wilson.
George W. Raymond
Dana Sherrill.
Thomas Shaw.
Edward Seymour.
Joseph Shaw.
George S. Tompkins.
James Thorp.
Ole H. Thompson
Garrett G. Vreeland
Jno. E. Williams.
Joseph Whitham.
Wright F. Washburn.
George W. Woods.
Samuel Young.

One hundred and one officers and enlisted men.

36th Illinois Infantry

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