Camp Fuller, Rockford, Illinois

Information provided by Steve Haas

In August of 1862, Camp Fuller was established as a training ground for four Illinois regiments, the 74th, 92nd, 93rd and 95th Illinois. It was set up in an area of Rockford known as Churchill's Grove, for an original owner of the tract of land. It was a picturesque site, along the river with groves of trees. It was a popular visiting site for the local populace, as they showed their patriotism and support for the war by showering the soldiers training in the camp with food and attention.

When the soldiers left, in December of 1862, the camp was closed. It's legacy is a stone set in the corner of a street indicating the entrance to the camp, and the street names in the area. The first street in Churchill's Grove is Churchill street, but then there is a Grant Street, a Sherman Street, an Ellsworth street (after Elmer Ellsworth, the first Zouave and first officer killed in the war, who came from Rockford), McPherson street etc.

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