Communities in Henderson County, Illinois, USA

Laid out by Andrew and Samuel Douglass Oct. 3, 1855. Named in honor of John Biggs who was born in Manchester, England in 1802 and is buried in Cumberland Cemetery 5 miles northwest of the village. Mr. Biggs purchased the Grain Mills near what is now Biggsville in 1843.
William Marsden settled in Carman in 1842. The first business opened in 1866 and contributed to the town being platted in 1870 by Joseph Carman.
Dallas City
This village was named for US President James K. Polk's V-Pres., George Dallas. At the turn of the century "Berg" Carriages and then cars were manufactured here where the RiverView Supper Club is now located. Interesting historic buildings include the 100-year-old castle-like high school building.
The south side the the tracks was laid out by Gideon Sage in May, 1856 with James R. White as surveyor. The north side was laid out two years later in June, 1858 by Ezekiel W. Lynn. The Methodist Church was built in 1867.
On Oct. 25, 1915, John J. Scholer, Proprietor of East Burlington Subdivision, had his property surveyed by H.M. Herald. The land was then divided into lots, streets, and alleys which were sold to the public. This land became part of Gladstone Township in Henderson Co. The Village of Gulfport became incorporated May 31, 1928.
Laid out by Robert Lomax in 1882. A railroad station and businesses were located here many years before the town was platted. Lomax was the home of an early airplane factory (circa 1910) and later had a modern tomato canning factory.
Nathan Wever laid out and platted Media in 1888. In 1892 a United Presbyterian church building was built there by members of the Ellison church and others, and in 1905 the Walnut Grove church disbanded and joined the Media church.
The Historic 1862 Church is one of the oldest communities in the county where the first settler arrived in 1833.
In 1827, Dr. Isaac Galland erected a log cabin and began trading with the Indians at the site now known as Oquawka. In 1828 Stephen Phelps of Lewistown, IL purchased the claim for his son, S.S., who made his home there. Oquawka was laid out by Alexis Phelps and his brother, Stephen Sumner Phelps on July 9, 1836."Oquawka" was derived from an Indian word Oquawkiek meaning "Yellow Banks".
Platted on April 16, 1856 by Isaac V.D. Kelly, Tunis Q. Hixson, and Peter Tharp, the town was given its name by the many settlers who migrated there from along the Raritan River in New Jersey. Visit their historic, refurbished, and used opera house.
Platted Nov. 18, 1887 on land purchased by the Santa Fe Railroad. According to the 1911 Henderson Co. history, it was the "metropolis of the southern part of the county, located on rich farm land and noted for its business enterprise,..."
Terre Haute
This community was platted in 1854 by Wm. C. Rice, deputy county surveyor of Henderson County. The first building, a brick structure, was built in 1854.

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