Hancock County Courthouse

Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Present County Courthouse

Lincoln and Douglas - 1858

Abraham Lincoln spoke here on October 22, 1858, during his campaign for the US Senate which he lost. The plaque commemorating Lincoln's visit is on a large stone on the south side of the courthouse. Stephen A. Douglas spoke here on October 11, 1858, during his campaign for the US Sentate which he won over Abraham Lincoln. The plaque commemorating Douglas' visit is on a pillar at the entrance on the south side of the courthouse.

Other Commemorative Plaques

Civil War Marker. - west side of courthouse - "In honor of those who served our country in the Civil War." Erected by Alexander Sympson Relief Corp of Carthage, Illinois.
Alexander Sympson was a friend of Abraham Lincoln, and Lincoln stayed in Sympson's home at the southwest corner of Cherry and Marion Streets when he visited Carthage. The home was razed about 1914.
Hancock Marker. - north side of courthouse - 1825-1925. Founding of Hancock County commemorated by the Six Thousand Children of the Elementary Schools. October 2, 1925. Erected and dedicated in honor of John Hancock.
Sundial. - south lawn of courthouse - For George Edmunds, Junr., Esqr., Sonora, Illinois, MDCCCLVI. Placed July 31, 1915 by Civic League of Carthage. North Latitude 40 degrees 30 minutes.
George Edmunds, Jr., and others built a warehouses on the banks of the Mississippi River at Sonora Landing, just south of Nauvoo, in 1858. This was a shipping point for grain, hay, horses, and cattle to St. Louis and other points.

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